Dahl & Groezinger
Scrap Iron & Metals
Since 1885
In 1912, George Groezinger died and George Jr. acquired his interest.  Shortly after the death of his father, Albert
“Ike” Groezinger joined the firm.  He was joined by Phillip Groezinger in 1920.
In 1927, Ike and Walter Groezinger purchased 77 year-old founder Phillip Dahl’s interest.  George Jr., Walter, Ike,
and Phillip operated the family firm together until 1929 when George retired.  His interest was purchased by
Walter, Ike, and Phillip.
The Great Depression of the early thirties brought hard times to Dahl & Groezinger.  We still own the following
hand-written bank note: “Doubtful If This Note Will Ever Be Repaid.”  By some miracle, this note – and a lot of
other notes – were repaid.  In 1931, we lost Phillip Groezinger to an untimely death.  Walter and Ike bought Phillip’
s interest in the company and operated as equal partners until Ike’s death in 1953.
In 1940 William R. Conley, Walter Groezinger’s son-in-law, joined the firm.

In 1946, C. M. Kirkland, Walter’s other son-in-law, joined the firm.  He departed from the firm in 1969.

Dahl & Groezinger moved from 114-116 Frederica St. to our present location (940 W. 9th Street) in 1954.  Green
River Steel began operation in Owensboro the same year, expanding our steel markets from railroad and river to a
location just 10 miles away.
In 1963, Walter Groezinger died and William R. Conley (Billy) became President.  He held this title until he retired
in 1987.
The 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s were years of expansion for both our markets and the physical plant.  The 60’s saw Dahl
& Groezinger expand our white metals business while the 4th generation joined the firm:  John Drew Kirkland in
1966 and then William R. Conley, Jr. in 1967, both as summer help.  Bill Jr. joined the firm full-time in 1970 after
graduating from Vanderbilt University.  Drew began full-time employment in 1972 following his graduation from the
University of Kentucky.  William K. Helwig (Bill) joined the firm in 1974.  Bill took an active interest in the equipment
and yard management.    

William R. Conley, Sr. retired in 1987.   He is remembered for taking extra time to train the 4th generation (Bill
Conley, Jr., John Drew Kirkland, and Bill Helwig) by allowing them the freedom to expand.  Bill Sr. provided the
leadership and vision for the business to follow.  He was proudest of what the next generation was doing, not what
he had done.  

With William R. Conley Sr.’s retirement, George Groezinger’s great-grandsons assumed leadership.  William R.
Conley Jr. became President, with John Drew Kirkland and William K. Helwig serving as Vice-Presidents.
On May 23, 1990, Dahl & Groezinger, Inc. mourned the passing of William R. Conley Sr. – a friend, teacher, uncle
and father.

In 1995, the fifth generation – William Walter Helwig (Will), Drew Sumner Kirkland and John Sumner Kirkland -
joined Dahl & Groezinger as summer help.
Also in 1995, William R. Conley Jr. decided to semi-retire.  John Drew Kirkland became President and Bill Helwig
continued to serve as Vice-President.
In 2002, William Walter Helwig graduated from Georgetown College with a bachelors degree in business
administration and joined the firm full time.  Will also played soccer for the Georgetown Tigers.  

In 2003, both Drew Kirkland and John Kirkland graduated from the University of Alabama with masters degrees in
business administration and joined Dahl & Groezinger full-time.  Each also received their undergraduate degree
from Alabama in 2001.                        
In May of 2005, Dahl & Groezinger welcomed another member of the fifth generation when William R. Conley III
(Bill) joined the firm following his graduation from Western Kentucky University.  Bill left the firm in September of
 Though another century has passed, Dahl & Groezinger will continue to use our family ownership and
management to give each customer and consumer the personal attention they deserve.  Regardless of the
ever-changing business climate, our customers and consumers will remain our top priority.  Thank you for
allowing us to serve you for 125 years.  
Dahl & Groezinger, Inc. - Kentucky's
oldest scrap iron and metal processor -
was established in 1885 by George
Groezinger, Sr. and Phillip Dahl.
In 1867, George Groezinger met Phillip
Dahl on a ship from Stuttgart, Germany
heading for America.  George and
Phillip were employed by Mr. Lacer to
buy hides, wool and pelts for his
American company.
In 1885, they formed Dahl &
Groezinger at 114-116 Frederica
Street in Owensboro, KY.  They began
buying hides, wool, furs and roots.  
Over the next decade, the company
grew alongside the local economy,
shipping its products to both regional
and national markets.  In 1900, George
Groezinger, Jr. joined the firm.  He was
followed by his brother, Walter
Groezinger, in 1910.
Walter Groezinger believed that scrap
iron and metals were the future of the
business, so he devoted his efforts to
growing this part of the business.
At the time, hides were purchased form
butchers, farmers, and meat packing
houses, and were then shipped to
tanneries.  Both ferrous and
non-ferrous material was accumulated
before shipping to mills by truck,
railroad, or barge.