Learn How To Scrap

Exchanging your scrap metal for profit is an easy process with Dahl & Groezinger. We have been able to help customers – both individual suppliers and businesses – earn money for their scrap metal since we began recycling in 1885. Recycling scrap metal also gives our customers peace of mind in knowing that they are being responsible with the earth’s valuable resources.

To learn more about scrap recycling with Dahl & Groezinger, browse our listing of frequently asked questions:

What types of scrap metal does Dahl & Groezinger accept for purchase?
We accept both ferrous (scrap iron and steel) and non-ferrous (copper, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel). Basically, we purchase anything metal. Review our specific materials list here.

Are there any recycling items that Dahl & Groezinger does not accept?
Yes. There are certain scrap items that we do not currently accept. Find a listing of those items here

Is there a minimum amount of weight that you will accept?
No. Dahl & Groezinger is happy to purchase scrap metal loads of all sizes.

How do I know I’ll get a fair price?
Dahl & Groezinger makes it our mission to provide individuals and companies a clean, friendly, and safe environment in which to recycle their scrap metal and other accepted material. We believe our customers should be fairly compensated for their material.

Does Dahl & Groezinger take old cars?
Yes, we do accept whole cars for recycling. Fluids must be removed before delivering.

We also accept catalytic converters, batteries, starters, alternators, AC compressors, aluminum rims and radiators.

How will I receive payment?
Once your material has been identified and weighed on our state certified scale, a purchase ticket is generated based on price per pound. You will bring your driver’s license to the office and be paid here.

Does a customer have to present identification in order to recycle and receive payment?
Yes. Obtaining identification from a customer when purchasing scrap metal is standard practice in the recycling industry. The State of Kentucky requires a valid state ID when recycling any renewable resource.

Do you have pick-up services available?
Yes. We place roll off boxes and trailers on-site for customers. We can also supply dump hoppers for copper, stainless, brass and aluminum scrap.

Customers who want to learn more about our pick-up programs should contact us at 270-684-1404.

What happens when I arrive at Dahl & Groezinger with my car or truck filled with recyclable material?
When you arrive at our safe, clean, environmentally conscious facility, you will be asked to stop on the scale (just inside the 11th St. entrance). After a digital readout of the weight is recorded, you will be directed to the appropriate drop off area. We will unload your scrap for you, using a grapple, magnet, forklift, or Bobcat, depending on how the material is loaded. We also unload small amounts by hand. You will then be asked to return to the scale for an empty weight. After your empty weight is recorded, you pull off the scale and come in the office to receive payment.

Is it safe to drive any type of vehicle into your facility?
Yes. Dahl & Groezinger goes to great lengths to keep our facility clean and safe, for our employees and also for our customers. Our facility is easily accessible and our vehicle unloading areas are always free of debris, so you never need to worry about scratches or a punctured tire when entering our lot.

Do you recycle computers?
Dahl & Groezinger accepts various types of electronic scrap for recycling. Please contact us for specifics.